SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD: CZ Varmint 22lr & scope


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Nov 22, 2008
Rifle is a CZ 453 Varmint American. It has the heavier varmint barrel (blue), walnut stock, and single set trigger. The scope is a Super Sniper fixed 20x, mounted with 30mm Warne Maxima rings, on top of a Rimfire Technologies 20 MOA rail. All good stuff. No cheapie scope or mangle-loc rings. Lots of good reviews on the web about these rifles.

I'd like to sell everything for $575. Sorry but not willing to separate scope. Also no trades, and no shipping at this time (FTF Oregon).

I paid $450 for the rifle last year, $280 for the scope, $50 for the rail, $30 for the rings, and $30 for improved action screws (total adds up to $835).

I need money for other projects and need to sell some firearms. This CZ would be great in the varmint field, as a tactical trainer, or just a nice plinker. Oh, why the 20 MOA rail? Ever try shooting a 22lr at 200 yards? 300 yards? The scope has enough elevation with the rail to shoot to 300 yards, without using holdover. Great for practicing your ability to read the wind. Dial in your drop and drift for targets, varmints, rocks, whatever and pull the trigger. Its really a lot of fun and much more accurate than you'd think. Or shoot groups at 50 yards. It does really well with bulk ammo. The trigger is fully adjustable, and the set trigger feature makes shooting easy.

Pictures? I'll try to get pictures up, but it may take a day or so. The rifle looks like any other 453, and there are pictures at the manufacturer websites for the other stuff.

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