Snowing like wind flags

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Nov 15, 2001
I was watching the snow falling behind the window at work today. My mind popped up that the snow can act like wind flags. I can see in one area that is gusting while others are moving slowly. Will it help estimate the wind speed?
It makes me feel I rather shoot benchrest competition during snowing. Definitely not in a snowstorm or I’ll not be able to feel my trigger finger. Hah…

A light rain or snow is excellent for scoring x's.
You can see what the wind is doing as a whole, from a few feet out all the way to the target. Its just one big wind flag.
Here in the great frozen north we don't use girly wind flags or mirage to estimate wind. We just watch the snow falling from the sky and feel the sub-zero drafts blowing down the back of our neck.

Peter Cronhelm
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