SOLD/EXPIRED Sniper's Hide rifle

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    May 14, 2001
    Sniper\'s Hide rifle

    Check it out at Here's a chance to own a custom rifle at a really awesome price. It has it's own section in the forum.
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    Re: Sniper\'s Hide rifle

    For those of you who haven't been following, and GA Precision have gotten together to make an awesome tactical rifle. I have included the specs and picture of what the rifle will look like (scope not included). They will make no more than 50 and the serial number will be 1-50 and it will have the GA Precision Logo and the Sniperhide logo on the reciever. It is too late to buy one of these rifles.
    But, for those of you who missed out, you have a second chance. Sniperhide Rifle #1 is going to be raffled off. The details are not concrete yet but it looks like $25 per chance or $100 for five chances. This is a beautiful tactical rifle. Look at the link for further details.;f=18;t=000029

    The final specs are complete on the GA Precision / Sniper's Hide rifle:
    Calibers available:
    260, 308, & 300WM
    McMillan A5 w/ Sporter Fill and Standard Desert Colors from MCM (Tacticals - tan)
    Badger Ordnance, Metal, Base & Rings
    Hardware coating:
    GA Precision Tan Teflon Coating
    (Modified) No Remington Lock, short shroud
    Tactical Knob w/ Celt bolt Modification
    Mike Rock 5R 24" w/ 1-11 twist & #6 Taper
    Pillar Bedded - GA Precision
    Tactical Intervention Sling(included}
    Aproximate completed weight with Badger Base & Rings - 11.5lbs (12lbs max)
    Sniper's Hide Price:
    Complete Finished Rifle: $2300.00

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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