SOLD/EXPIRED Sniper Rifle w/ USO SN-3 *$2900*

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    Remington 700 SA in .308
    lengthened ejection port for .308
    action has been trued
    LW-50 Match .308 barrel w/ recessed crown
    Bolt has 3-screw mod
    HS Precision PST-25 Fully adjustable stock with bisonite bedding.
    USO Extended scope rail
    USO Tactical rings
    USO Picatinny level
    US Optics SN-3 44mm 3-17
    MOA-Dot reticle
    11 position lit reticle
    90-click elevation knob
    M40 windage knob
    Honeycomb Filter
    Butler caps
    NOTE* This scope performs and tracks perfectly.

    Also included:
    Fitted Starlight Case
    Harris BRM Swivel Bipod
    Brownells Competitior Plus Sling w/ Mil-Spec Swivels
    Dewey coated rod and Bore Guide
    All Documentation.

    Price: $2900 It's time for this thing to move!

    **** Sold Pending Funds ****

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    Nov 19, 2003
    Sounds interesting . Got pics.