SOLD/EXPIRED Sniper/Camo Veils

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    Oct 31, 2003

    Whether you hunt, test your skills in sniper comps, or just plain dont want to be seen, these sniper veils are what you are looking for. They measure about 4' x 4' and are made of a heavyweight mesh with holes just the right size to push natural vegitation into. The veils have 4 tie down points (one on each corner) They really break up your outline in the woods, making you blend in with your surroundings. If green isn't good for your area, simply slap a coat of spray paint on these and you're good to go! These veils have gone out to military and police snipers, trainers, and hunters and I have gotten nothing but great reviews and feedback. Don't miss out on these!

    - only $12.50 plus shipping each -

    drop me an email at [email protected] and check out for references [​IMG]