SOLD/EXPIRED Sniper/Camo Veils

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    Oct 31, 2003
    dont get busted in a sniper match or let that buck get away! make sure you can effectivly camo yourself and your gear.

    i have some green mesh sniper veils for sale. made of a heavyweight mesh, they work great for camoflage of your rifle or yourself (or a combo of the two [​IMG] )

    they measure about 60''x42'' (give or take, they stretch a good deal) and they have draw strings on all 4 of the sides (to draw them around yourself or weapon or to tie off to well...anything you want [​IMG] )

    right now i use them for bowhunting, i tie one around my face (bandit stype) and one over my head. to give you an idea of scale, they hang down past my knees both front and back, and the mesh is big enough to allow you to apply natural foliage to really break up your outline.

    ive also used them as a "go between" to camo the area between a ghillie suit and my rifle.

    use them as a stencil for painting your rifle.

    anyhow, they have about a million uses, and they are very durable.

    the price of these veils will be $12.50 each - you cannot find these quality sniper veils cheaper (infact, Iron Brigade Armory sells the same veil for $29!)

    im getting eaten alive on shipping (i ALWAYS ship via USPS priority mail confirm - for both the buyer and my own protection) so on orders from here on out i ask that the buyer pay for shipping. (shipping for one is $5, 2 is $5.50, 3 or 4 is $6.50 - more and we will work it out)

    i take paypal (add 3%) or money orders. (i prefer paypal, as i can get the veils out ASAP)

    heres some pics i snapped tonight to give a decent idea of what they are:



    please contact me via Email (please include your name, address, number you want, and type of payment)

    while i may be new here, i am not new to many of the forums. i have some items here i thought some of you may be interested in. you can check my references/posts over at,,,