Smokeless muzzleloader recommendations


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Apr 6, 2011
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What if your loads vary?…
7 witness marks?
my loads vary from 70 grains of H4198 to 130 grains of RL-16 :)
Easy.......... use a different ramrod for each. ;)

I shoot 3 different propellants. IMR8208XBR, Benchmark and Blackhorn 209. Each propellant has its own identifiable ramrod and each has a witness mark.

One other thing I do because of shooting different propellants, is I have a tag which I attach to my scope which tells me the last propellant I shot. I know what the zero is.

Just yesterday this was posted on the Official CVA Paramount Shooters FB site. They don't know what happened .... yet. However they will be checking to see if he was using a witness mark, which would have likely prevented this detonation.

Paramount detonation 3.jpg