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May 18, 2003
I have a chanche to get a S&W 4 x 18 anybody have any input on these scopes the price is right $200 new natchezz has it for $388 thanks
Marlow I ordered one of the S&W scopes last month and it is a nicely finished scope and has clear bright optics. It is made in Japan and is warranted by Smith & Wesson even though the entire line has been discontin ued. Hakko is the actual manu facturer of these scopes and I don't know anything about thier reputation for quality. The up-down and windage clicks are nice and crisp on the one I have. Rainguard is an added feature on these scopes and is supposed to give them all weather protection for those of us who hunt in the elements. With the lifetime warranty backed by S&W and the affordable pricing I just had to have one. I ordered the mil-dot reticle model. I have not mounted it on a rifle yet but I am anxious to get it done and see what it is made of. There were rumors at first that these were made by Nikon but after some research I found out that Hakko is the manufacturer. I will give a report after the first trip to the range with it.
I recently purchased two S&W mil-dot scopes, the 4-18x42 and the 6-24x42, and think they're a bargain for the price. They are made by Hakko, a well established Japanese optical company, and there is some info floating around that they are, "made in the same plant as Nikon scopes." Nikon has several different lines, made in different places, and it is possible that Hakko might make one of the Nikon models for Nikon. In any event, Hakko scopes scopes are made in Japan, not China, or some other other country known for lesser manufacturing standards.

As an OEM, Hakko makes scopes to the specs of their buyers, both good and bad. They supposedly make the Springfield Armory scopes as well as the Tasco Super Sniper scopes, among others. The Hakko line of scopes is broad and is very popular in Australia. Except for a few models, they are not currently distributed in the U.S.

Checkout the Hakko website for more info on what they offer:

Since Smith & Wesson has discontinued their line of scopes, they have been sold on eBay for bargain prices. I paid $149.00 for my 4-18x42 scope and they have gone for as little as $138.55 recently. The 6-24x42, which had a MSRP of $619.99, has sold for $170.00 on eBay.

One last note; I called S&W about the warranty for these discontinued scopes. They said they will continue to honor the lifetime warranty.

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