small rifle magnum primers


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Mar 25, 2008
Does anyone have any experience with small rifle magnum primers? What do you use them in? If you use them want to trade for regulars?

Thanks John
Many shooters believe the SRM primers perform better than others in the 6mmBR. So this summer I switched from CCI BR4's to the CCI 450 and Wolf SRM's. I am unable to see any difference. Primers are usually the one component which does not dramatically affect accuracy or other factors, i.e. ES, SD or MV. Slight increases, yes, but large difference, no. Try them over your chrono and make your best judgment.
Most SRM primers have a little harder cup and will stand more pressure than others. I use the Wolf SRM in my free float firing pin AR-15 rifle and have not had any trouble with a slam fire like I had using regular SR Federal.

SRM primers are suggested for use with ball powders that are harder to light and also for use in extreme cold weather for all powers.

Use them, just start low and work your way up.
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