Small case & slow powder = accuracy?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Engineering101, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Last Summer I was lurking about this forum and noticed somebody mention that a 22-250 packed full of a slow powder like RL-19 gave surprising accuracy though this was at the loss of some velocity.

    I have a 22-250 so that sounded kind of interesting. The nominal burn rate of RL-19 per QuickLoad is 0.4500 and I’ve got some RL-19. However, I noticed a bottle of IMR7828 SSC sitting next to it and it has a burn rate of 0.3841. If slow is good maybe slower is even better? I tried them both. Believe it or not, the IMR7828 worked out pretty good. With a 53 gr VMAX it put 5 shots into 1.156” at 200 yards while still running a respectable 3,550 fps. That will kill a p-dog.

    The ballistic efficiency as you might expect totally sucks at 18.8% and only 85.8% of the powder gets burned but… the interesting part is the extreme spread on velocity was 9 fps.

    I’m thinking that might have some long range potential if I stuck a 75 grain AMAX in front of it. With an ES that low the vertical at longer ranges should be pretty good. Anyone out there got any long range experience with a load this far off the track? If not, how about just a good shooting load for a 1 in 8 twist 22-250 for 600 yard p-dogs?
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    May 13, 2012
    That at one time was a standard way to economy load for the smaller rounds. After ww2 some of the mil-surp. powder like 4831 was so cheap people would stuff it in anything they could even if it didn't make full pressure. It sure makes your reloading $ go further and if you learn to shoot the load the critters don't care a bit. I'm doing this in my 270 Tikka at present.
    I'm burning wc872(50 cal ball) with a bunch of 130 grain bonded 2nd's that I got for $8 a hundred last Feb.. I'm loading this for less than $8 a twenty and it'll put ten in an inch at 100 yards. Free range brass sweetens the deal even more. The only sacrifice is the load only gets around 2700 fps, but I haven't seen the hundred yard target spit one back at me.:D I have hotter ammo for hunting, but the way this shoots it may be a heck of a doe round.