Small bore varminters

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  1. heavy hitting 300

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    Dec 27, 2009
    I was having a talk with my unc about varmint guns and he's got a hot rod 223 that he says he can get out past a grand with............but I'm a 6mm buff I'd just like to know wich 1 would work better in a 24" barrel. I know the 243 will have more power but Im trying to have a cheap toy is all and I'm wondering if the price diff is worth it to do.

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  2. Gunpoor

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    Apr 28, 2007
    For an off the shelf varminter I would opt for the 243Win over any of the 224 bore offerings simply because the rate of twist on the 243 is more conducive to shooting the heavier varmint bullets, which by the way is what one needs for the longer shots. Most over-the-counter 22 cal varmint rifles sport barrels with either a 1/12" or 1/14" twist and that just isn't fast enough to stabilize the 70 or 80 grain bullets where needed, and the 243s have barrel twist of 1/10" that will handle cup-and-core bullets up to and including 100 grain weight. I believe some of the AR rifles are being built in 223Rem and 5.56 Nato that have 1/9" twist but they aren't my idea of a varmint rifle. Just my 2c on this subject.