Slightly different "Which Scope" question.

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Jul 25, 2002
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Not looking for a brand recommendation.

I've got a 24" RRA Varmint A4 that needs some glass.
Have got cabelas points adding up and a new scope is in the future.

Would like to shoot as far as the rifle is able to at small groundhog-sized targets with it.
Also have a 308Win that wears a 4.5-14x (w/Mildots)and is used for groundhogs.

Was thinking of putting a 3.5-10x (w/TMR) on the 308 and switching its 4.5-14x over to the RRA.
Or would you leave the 4.5-14x on the 308 and buy a 6.5-20x (w/TMR) or a second 4.5-14x (w/TMR) for the RRA?

I've got this nagging feeling that there might come a day when I need either of those rifles for something other than groundhogs.
Thats a very broad question but would your choice of scope magnification change?

I initially thought 3.5-10x for the 308 and 4.5-14x for the RRA.
The 4.5-14x on the 308 is eventually going to get upgraded to the TMR at the custom shop.
OK, here are some of (my) thoughts:

1.) What is a RRA?

2.) Magnification depends on the sight picture you are personally comfortable with (or, with which you are personally comfortable--if this is an English test :)).

Up to about 16X (variable scope, of course) is adequate and desirable for most shooters, except for perhaps for over 800 yrds, then more magnification is desirable; again, if you feel comfortable with it. gun)
Hi Lewis, thanks for responding.
Its a Rock River Arms AR15. Rock River Arms: Varmint Rifle A4

Groundhogs or parts of one get small at distance so I wasn't sure which scope to put on each rifle.
May end up with another 4.5-14x for the AR15.
I've got a 6.5-20x on my 243 VLP and like it very much.
For the range of the 223, that might be a bit too much.
Too bad Leupold can't make a 2.5-16x.
Hello Skinny,

I've had a 6.5-20 on my 220 Swift for a very long time. The 20X is very nice for testing loads on the bench, but I found that it was too much for most of my shooting in the prarie dog towns. Only reason I say too much is that I am usually my own "spotter" and field of view at 20x is too small alot of the times to see my hits or misses when the recoil factor is playing. I usually turn it down somewhere between 12 and 16 for that reason. I've got a 4.5-14 on my AR and it seems to be just right. Also, personally not a fan of a long scope on a short black rifle......just my opinion.? 14X should be plenty for the .223, probably will be able see better than the rifle will shoot.
I've also got a 6.5-20x on a 22-250 for groundhogs. It works well but sometimes wish it would go down below 6.5x.
The AR isn't a carbine though and I agree about a long scope on a short gun.
It has a 24" barrel so everything should balance out.
Good Day
Have to admit I am not much of a fan of Leupold glass. That being said, I would opt for something in the 10-12 power as the upper end. As an example, I use an IOR 2.5-10x on my 6mmBR, and it does very well out to about 600 yards or so. I also have no experience with the AR platform as that is a restricted weopon up here in Canada.
Have fun
The most similar rifle I have is my 24" Grendel. My targets are larger than p-dogs but I also shoot it farther so scale-wise I think scope choice is similar.

My thoughts are you really aren't going to be carrying such a rifle through the woods and don't even think about home defense with a heavy 24" so any scope that goes down to around 6X on the low end is low enough. But since you will be shooting little things far away I enjoy magnification for that. So I'd say go for the 6.5-20.

Though in agreeing with the above, Leupold wouldn't be my first choice. I just don't think you get enough value for what they cost. If you're OK with a SFP reticle and 1/4 MOA clicks you can get a good one for a lot less. My Grendel is currently wearing a 6.5-20X50 Vortex Viper (while waiting for the PST) and I can't think of anything I like better about the Leupold LR's and they cost a bunch more. Stepping up in quality a scope like the Sightron SIII 6-24X50 I think offers better quality for less.

Anyway, as mentioned above I'm waiting for the Vortex PST 6-24X50 for this rifle, which should be a nice step up from my current Viper. It'll give you turrets that match the reticle, FFP if you want, illumination for nighttime 'yotes, etc. That's my idea of a good match for such a rifle for a decent price.
Thanks everyone for the input.
I'm using Cabela's points to get a scope so that means Leupold unless a Nightforce can be special ordered.
Already have a carbine and a 12ga for the home. :cool:
While groundhog hunting I often carry two varmint rifles for close and far so weight isn't an issue.
After doing more reading am leaning towards a 4.5-14x but may have to get another higher mag scope later on.
For most of my shooting I use the 1.5x per 100 yards rule. that has served me well all the way to 1000 yards. The catch is I have never shot at anything smaller than 18 inch wide by 36 inch tall steal plate past 600 yards. with that being said I wouldn't go beyond 16x unless you have the cash to spring for the glass nessesary to resolve long range images at high magnification. the way it was explained to me ( by someone I trust) ther higher the magnification, the better glass you need to resolve the image. With the size of ground hogs, prarie dogs and such high resolution glass is a must at 1000 yards
Absolutely correct.

If had my way, I'd have the most expensive S&B, Zeiss, Hensold or the new March scopes on my rifles.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm married. :D
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