SOLD/EXPIRED SKB Rifle / Shipping Case - NEW


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Jan 16, 2008
Falls Church, VA
Here's my big SKB shipping case. It has custom padded interior, carry handles are on the side and the end. It has wheels on one end so that it can be easily rolled around. It is in new condition. If you have a big cannon of a rifle(s), this is the case for you.

Exterior Dimensions: 63x21x8
Interior Dimensions: 58x17x6

Interior includes a 'center pad' so that the interior can be divided into two compartments.

Secures with four latches. Two of them have TSA approved locks to secure the latches. So you can travel on commercial airlines with rifles with this case. Two keys will be included.

$400 - local pick up
Shipped?? I'll ship it if you pay the UPS fee. Not sure what it might cost to ship.


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