Sizing up Antelope


May 29, 2004
Greensboro, NC
We are going on an antelope hunt in SD this fall and we need to know how determine whether the antelope is a shooter or a pass on antelope from close in out to a mile or so. Some tips on how to determine the size of their horns and spread would be very helpful.
First off welcome!!

A simple way to answer your ??

1st look for horns that are 14" in length. You can also look for prongs that are about 5" long. Stick to using their ears for a visual referance. A mature buck's ears will be around 6" long. If you find a buck who's horns are 2-1/2 times the length of his ears...DO NOT pass him up. The best bucks will have 6" bases. Viewed from the side the horns will look about 3" wide. All this is refering to the biggest bucks of course.

Good luck!!
Everything meichele said is correct.
Like a deer use there ears and eyes for judgement. Goats will usually hurd up for easy comparison. Goats are small and fast, what .cal are you planning to use?
Best of luck.
Another thing to look for is lots of black. The old, gnarly bucks have a large black cheekpiece and lots of black on their noses.
Everyone is on the money. I look for the ears to be about the size of the prong sticking out - if it is or really close shoot - it is in the 15-16" range. I say I look for this - but I have only found it once during the season. Good luck. Antelope are really fun to hunt! I have been going since I was ten and now twenty years later I still love it, and I have almost never miss a year(maybe one or two).
I will be using my 7mm Rem mag with factory load Fed Premiums, 160 NP. This has become (for the moment)my standard load for medium game.

I appreciate everyone who replied to my post.
Everybody has hit the nail on the head.The part sticking out we call it the cutters.If you can double the ear height you have a large antelope especially if the hooks are decent and not real stubby.You will probaly see some with a horn going down along the cheek of the animals face some like this others don't.If you see something you think will go 16 inches start shooting as they are rare.
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