Site-Wide Thank-You Sale!!!

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    May 19, 2010
    Due to immense volume of traffic to our site by you, our loyal customers, our previous server crashed and burned.

    To say “Thank-You” for your patience while we built our new server, we are discounting our most popular products to prices lower than we have ever sold them before.

    The Extremely popular Grodas Rifle Stocks have been discounted up to $200! Get the most versatile stock that draws massive amounts of attention on your range days and will never let you down in the field.

    The XLR Industries Chassis are on sale – which never happens!

    Even the tool steel Elite and mil-spec aluminum Performance Series Tikka add-ons are on sale!

    We have inlets for virtually any rifle you have:

    • Tikka
    • Sako
    • Remington and Clones
    • Ruger
    • Mauser
    • Howa
    • Weatherby
    • Browning
    • Savage
    If you’re still looking to scratch that AR itch, we even have stripped and complete lowers ready to ship.

    Visit to take advantage of these savings today… they won’t last long!!!