Sipsey Wilderness Area Pig Hunt 2015


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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
I hunted the Sipsey Wilderness Area for feral swine last year and basically spent a week scouting and learning the area. This year, I packed the truck and headed down to Clarksville Tenn. where I spent the night at my son’s. From there it was just a short drive on down to Brushy Creek Lake Campground. Saturday was spent setting up camp in the snow and wet ground. Sunday was spent sheltered from a day long rain that lasted until Monday morning.

So opening day morning found me sitting in the truck putting on rain gear. Fortunately the rain broke off and I head down the trail. After about a half mile I found rooting and tracks that had been made since it had quit raining. After wandering around for several hours trying to track rooting pigs I decided to head back up the trail to the truck. And as luck would have it the pigs were all bedded down for the day about 20 yards off the trail. Some of the little pigs smelled me and started the stampede of about 25 pigs of assorted sizes running through the trees and bushes. I had the little Nightforce scope set at 2.5 power and it easily picked up a solid black sow and as it cleared a tree I fired. The pig was hard quartering away so the bullet landed well back of the rib cage at the angle needed to reach the chest cavity but that was a long journey. The pig ran in a semi-circle about 100 yards and fell dead only 10 yards from the trail. It was a small sow that weighed about 60-80 pounds so it was easy to cut it up and haul it up the trail on the cart.

The rifle used was a light weight 260 Rem. with a 20 inch barrel built by Eddie Harren and I had loaded it with 140 grain Bergers.

I stayed for another week but it rained and snowed the whole time and I got very little hunting done.


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Packrat 6

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May 1, 2014
Bob, nice pig, and any dead pig is a good pig. Shame about the weather though. Anyway keep it up!


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