Simple Predator Rifle Ballistics

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    Feb 6, 2009
    I have been working on my rifle and loads for a while and have settled on a great all around setup for me. In the past I have used everything from a .243 to a 22hornet for calling with quite a bit of time spent behind a 22-250 shooting 55gr gamekings or 52gr HPBT Match bullets(a lethal and fir friendly setup I might add).

    My current setup started out as a Savage 12FV and now has a sport weight barrel cut to 22" and chambered in .223AI. I currently have a 4x12 scope on top but wold be very happy with a straight 6 power as that is where it stays most of the time anyways.

    The rifle likes Sierra 52gr BTHP Match bullets in front of 28.2gr of H4895. This combination is shooting a respectable and consistent 3630fps. After some bedding and crown work I can consistently get dime to quarter sized groups with the setup at 100 yards(defiantly Minute of Coyote). I ran the numbers through several ballistic calculators and made a drop chart from filed data after several hundred rounds. My recorded ballistics are as follows.

    0" @ 50yd
    +1" @ 100yd
    +1" @ 150yd
    0" @ 200yd
    -2" @ 250yd
    -5.5" @ 300yd

    This trajectory allows for some very simple field adjustments for me in the field. If the coyote looks under 200yd I hold dead on and squeeze. If the coyote looks over 300yd I hold even with the top of the back and squeeze. So far I have been very pleased with the results.

    There you have it for what it's worth. A very simple and effective setup that I don't have to over think in the field. Good shooting.