Silver 30mm rings


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Nov 21, 2002
I have a stainless action 300WM and am about to purchase a silver 6.5-20X50 LR 30mm Leupold to go with it. However is there any silver rings out there to go with it? It has the silver 1 piece leupold base on it already. Any options appreciated!!
presuming that base is the 'Redfield' style, i.e. features turn-in front and rear is held via opposing windage screws, then you can use Millett rings. 30mm medium in their nickel finish are #SR00905, and high version is #SR00906. Either has a dealer cost of $23.05.

These are made to fit the Redfield style bases (as sold by lots of companies, including Leupold of course). Not to be confused with their 'Angle-Loc' rings, which are designed to fit Weaver style bases.
Volquartzen makes Stainless tactical rings and Kenn Farrell makes aluminum piccatinny bases. You won't beat the strength of that combo.
Lots more money though.
Just a thought.
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