Silent, but deadly

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    Jan 8, 2012
    Joe and Moe are hog hunting. After no success together, they decide to split up and try their luck.

    A few hours later Joe finds Moe field dressing a porker. "Nice hog, buddy....but I didn't hear you shoot. How did you kill it?"

    "I ugly it to death," replies Moe.

    "Naw, you're pulling my leg. I've got to see it to believe it," Joe demands.

    "Well, next one we see, I'll show you."

    They happen upon a small group of hogs and Moe gives a low whistle to get a big one's attention. Once he gets its eye, Moe starts screwing up his face in the most grotesque manner. Joe is flabbergasted as the pig starts to quiver, then shudder, then convulse, and finally falls over, dead right there.

    "Wow, where did you learn that, Moe?"

    "My wife taught me."

    "So why don't you take her hunting? You could get twice the hogs in half the time."

    "I used to, but she tears up the meat too bad." :D