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Sep 21, 2003
East Tennessee
What are your opinions of the Sightron scopes? Will they withstand the recoil of a magnum rifle over a period of time? Who has the best prices on them?

I hear a lot of good things about them on the rimfire forums, but I need to know from someone who has experience with a little more recoil than a .22

Thanks in advance.

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Big thumbs up to Sightron based on my experience w/their 4-16x42 on a .308. Thousands of rounds. The best, most repeatable adjustments of any scope I have ever used.

Google for vendors, but maybe start w/Bear Basin, or put a WTB ad out there with your requirements. You might get lucky.
I can't tell you much about the Sightron scopes yet, but I just ordered one from MidwayUSA. I ordered the 4X16 tacticle with mildot which is on sale this month for $339.00 I haver been hearing good things about them so thought I would try one. It will be going on a 300 win mag in Remington Sendero.
Nate--how did i know you would be the first to respond

I'd suggest using the Forum Search at the top of the screen, the question has been asked about Sightron scopes a lot of times. Mr. Haler has had excellent results w/ his; I'm currently less than enthused w/ mine. It's all been dug up, buried again, etc.


I've got a 6-25 that's probably 50% clearer than my Burris 4-16. .243 bullet holes @ 250y are visible. I got mine on sale from Nazchez for $300 on sale (regularly $400). I haven't shot it off of the 300 WBY I bought it for... I haven't found high enough rings yet.
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i have a 6x24x44 mildot and it seems to be a really clear scope,i can see 223 bullet holes at 250 yards with it and the turrets seem to be far im satisfied and there aint much that satisfies me...
Well, I tried the Sightron Tactical 4X16 with mil dot on my 300 wm Sendero. It does track well, and when you dial up 24 inches you get 24 inches. I have not done a lot of shooting yet, but can tell you it shoots minute of pumpkin at 867 yards. Elevation was great, but the wind was gusty (10 to 15 mph) and bullets sprayed a 10 inch wide pattern.
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