SOLD/EXPIRED Sightron 10-50 x 60

I also have the 8-32 x 56 but with the 1/4 moa dot for $820 free shipping within the lower 48 now.

I'm waiting until I can get ahold of some fine crosshair, mill dot and 1/8 moa dot reticles to put them up for sale. The price should be the same with free shipping within the lower 48.
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New unopened Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 long range scope with fine cross hair. $925 with free shipping within the lower 48.

I'll take it.

E-mail sent.
I'm a dealer in Sightron scopes so I'm able to get more than one.

The 1/8 moa target dot just became available to me this morning for the same price.

Thanks guys.
My supplier ran out of the 1/8 dot faster than I could get my hands on one. As soon as they were listed they were gone. When they come back in stock I can let you know. As of right now I can still get the fine cross hair.
preacherman I put your name on my list. Don't worry it's the good list :)
As soon as they are available I'll e-mail you and see if you still want one. The other thing I'd offer is a 50% deposit and when they come back in stock I'll go ahead and get one for you and e-mail you for the balance.