Sig Tango6 3-18x44

BS Shooter

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Dec 4, 2015
This is a SOT63003. 3-18x44, SFP, Hellfire Triplex reticle. This is the 30mm tube version. There is no levil-plex.

I bought this as a demo unit from Opticsplanet. The add said it had a 34mm tube so I assumed it had the levil-plex but it doesn't and it's 30mm. I am after a levil-plex model so this one has to go. They are selling the demo model for $1199, I'm asking $950 to your door.

I am a little disappointed in opticsplanet having super vague or incorrect info in some of there listings (in this case both), but they still have some good deals that keeps me coming back. That being said Sig really needs to step up there game as far as specs and features goes on there website. Sorry to include a rant with the listing.



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