Sig kilo 3000 bdx or Zeiss conquest


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Jan 25, 2020
So started backcountry hunting this year and I’m hooked. I have gone down the rabbit hole of upgrading my gear now. Time for bino’s.I currently have vortex diamondback 10x and have found them not up to snuff. I am wanting a set of range finding bino’s but I do not want to spend swaro money. I have come up with some options that seem to be in my price range and high quality. My choices are vortex fury and sig sauer 3000 bdx. They are about 1600-1700 Canadian. Or should I spend the $1700 on a higher end of non ranging bino’s like Zeiss conquest 10x42? I’m in Canada so I am limited to what I can get as well. Thank you in advance. Any other suggestions that are available up here would be appreciated. Glass quality is a big deciding factor.

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