Sierra MK's


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Oct 25, 2001
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Sierra MK\'s

First let me say I am not slamming sierra mk's (I hunt with them also). I just wanted everyone to know the new ammuntion the opposers have in the battle.

I got my Sierra news letter today, and in the "Questions From You" section, this letter was written:

I am starting some new reloading with a new 308 that I had built. I have purchased a 3rd gen. Scope from Springfield. It is pre-calibrated for the 308 with a 168 match bullet at 2550 fps. I plan to hunt deer with this gun at long range. So here's the question, can I hunt with Yall's match bullet? I did this one time with another company's match bullet and wounded a deer and I still feel bad about itso would you please give me some info on this question?

The short answer is NO. The real answer is still no but I suggest you use our 165 grain Spitzer Boattail bullet #2145. This bullet is very close to the same shape as the 168 MatchKing so it will follow the scope well and does perform very well in hunting situations. I'm sorry you lost you deer and there is nothing I can do to soothe your conscience but we can avoid this in the future and you have taken the first step. Congratulations and welcome to the world of responsible hunting.


Is this the same Rich you mention in other e-mails. For our sake I hope not! This is pretty powerful for the doubters, who will most likely use this against us.

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There is only one Rich I know at Sierra.

look at the person writing the letter to Sierra.
He is a new shooter the way it sounds and I think Rich picked up on that. He does not have the equipment that many of us on this forum have nor the experiance that goes along with it.

I would have said the same thing to anyone who does not know the capabilities of their rifles and who don't have the equipment to make longer shots. I would steer that guy to a hunting bullet also to save face within my bullet company if I owned one.
These guys are just protecting their bread and butter.

When you talk to Rich, he knows who should use the Match King and who shouldn't.
We report our success every year to him but, we have the equipment to make the MK work.

We should thank Rich for steering this guy away from MKs

Darryl Cassel
PS--A 168 Gr MK for Longrange????
At least a 200MK with a .600 BC. The 168 Gr only has a .475 BC.
This guy wanted to hunt Longrange with a 308.
I don't know what this newbies thoughts were as to how far is Longrange. A 308 will work for the experianced rifleman but for someone new, I don't think his Longrange is going to be too long.

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Re: Sierra MK\'s

I first read about Dan Lajia using match bullets in the great long range hunting article on his site. He also reports good results. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this bullet at close range? Does it need to be within a certain velocity to open up and work well?
Re: Sierra MK\'s


I didn't think about it that way, but you are absolutely right. He at least could have acknowledged some success with the MK's though

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