Shoulder hit, one lung, long blood trail...found him!


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Mar 27, 2010
N.W. Ohio
I was in a treestand, in the middle of the woods, in a triple tree that hid my location and overlooked a scrape. During the last 2 minutes of light, on Saturday, I seen a deer that came to the scrape, stood up and raked at the overhanging branches and then left as quick as it came. I thought it was a huge doe, as I couldn't see any antlers, but thought it a strange activity for a doe.

Sunday evening, the same deer, came into the scrape. However, it was 15 minutes earlier, a lot more light and this guy was wearing some headgear. :cool: Hanging from my safety harness, I leaned out as far as I could (the buck was behind my treestand) and took the best shot that he offered.

At the release of the arrow, I heard a loud "crack". :rolleyes: The obvious shoulder hit. He ran off and I gave him 40 minutes before taking up the trail. No blood or arrow, for 40 yards and then there was blood "splashes" for another 30 yards. Then I found my arrow, completely intact, with blood up to 16" of penetration. I felt better, but I wasn't done by a long way.

The blood trail continued for another 80 yards, but before exiting the woods, it slowed to a few drops. His line of travel, after leaving the woods was directly across a picked bean field...for another 700 yards. The tracking was going slow, ending up in a standing corn field, 2 hours later and with eyes looking back at me. He was still standing 2+ hours after the shot. He bolted further into the corn, when he seen my flashlight, so I decided to leave him until the morning.

I took up the blood trail in the corn, where the buck took off running and found him after another 170 yard "death run". :)

I learned a lot from this buck and the 1400 yard blood trail that he left behind. Despite a less than perfect shot, the Razor Trick gave me a blood trail that allowed me to find him...on Columbus Day. 230 lbs., 15" inside spread and 10 pts. A new Martin Cheetah was part of the equation too.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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