Should I put a CDS on mark 4 8.5-25?


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Nov 28, 2009
What you are giving up is the ability to fine-tune every shot based on changed environmental factors, elevation, temp & humidity as any CDS type turret is optimized for one set of conditions. What you are gaining is much faster range adjustments.

I believe most hunters would be much better off with a CDS type of turret for hunting to about 800 yards, and that after about 1200 yards I believe the small differences generally become too large for CDS type dials to be reliable unless your hunting conditions tend to be mostly the same. Between 800 and 1200 yards sometimes it's better for one and sometimes better for the other.

Of course, those ranges are for LARGE game. Small differences at 600 yards become huge when trying to put a bullet in the head of a woodchuck or prairie dog because the target is so small.

If you almost always hunt at or about the same elevation & weather conditions don't fluctuate a great deal, a CDS type turret can work as far as you can shoot.

I know, true believers will say a CDS turret is heresy, and these people will point out how shooters give up accuracy with a CDS turret. I'm a hunter first and like things that are practical in hunting situations. In a hunting situation it's common to have to take a shot in 4 or 5 seconds or not have a shot so I will gladly give up a small amount of "theoretical accuracy" for faster hunting accuracy.

My 2¢.

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