Shotty for Newbie?


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Dec 10, 2020
Fairport, NY
Been doing a lot of deer hunting (rifle/bow) in San Diego, yes, San Diego, and the season just ended.
One of my new hunting partners has had a few years experience with bird hunting, and has invited me to go.

I have not shot a shotgun for 30 years, and do not own one. I'm not afraid of a little kick (one of my rifles is a lever 45-70), but am not a spring chicken (56) and would like to get something fun/comfortable to shoot.

I know I'll eventually need more than one, but would like to start with something that works well for dove, quail, and other birds in this class. If it could also do turkey, that would be a bonus.

Some friends have recommended 20 ga over 12, and gas operated over mechanical.
I'm aware that gas operated requires a bit more cleaning.
I've been looking at price ranges between the Fabarm L4S and the Remington V3.

I would love to hear some recommendations for:
12 vs 20?
Barrel length (24"?)
And maybe a few specific models that would fit the bill.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!
Werther you go for a 20ga or 12ga a 28" will track and have a better feel than the 26". Why you wonder? 26" is a very fast swinging gun and it take time to get the feel. If your going to be shooting skeet it's great but practice practice and some more. The other thing that most people just starting or getting back into shotguning don't take to time to have it fitted to them so when they shoulder it your looking straight down the barrel and not off to one side or the other. A good fitter will check cast, length of pull and how it fits in your shoulder and your nose to the stock. Check this video out and is will explain everything. If have a skeet and trap club near by check it out and they will know who in the area does the best fitting. Good luck.

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Apr 2, 2015
My girlfriend and myself both use Franchi Affinities in 20 ga for upland. Light, low recoil, and the shims they give to fit the shotgun to you make a big difference. Inertia operated and with a few thousand rounds down the tube I've never done more than wipe it down.