Shortest possible Savage S/A chassis?

With MDT's buffer tube option you can go as short as a CAR stock at it's most collapsed setting with no modifications to anything. Have a look at B.A.D.'s "Sabre Tube" for a fixed option at that most collapsed length (8.25" length for it alone). They also make a butt-plate that works with a CAR's buffer tube, and will work on such a buffer tube that has been shortened to whatever LOP you need.

Can then fill the buffer tube with shot and case cleaning media or whatever to change the rifle's balance if need be.

MDT chassis w/ their adjustable butt-stock for a Howa Mini Action in .224 Valkyrie:

I'm left-handed, so the check piece is correctly assembled.
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My project XLR atom chassis for pistol and rifle build just switch action and stock on same buffer tube.

Pistol 14" 7mm-08

Swap with 18" 7mm-08 and this stock
1 chassis 2 stocks can be switched in less than 3 mins and 2 actions..... and yes the 14" was bought as a raw bare action never a rifle.

I am 6'2" i can comfortably shoot both. My son is 8 around 5' and can also shoot both. The pistol brace is adjustable using standard AR 6 position adjustments and just loosen allens on stock and slide to adjust on buffer tube.
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