"Shorter" LR Hunting Bullets

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    Mar 12, 2003
    Mountaineer, I'd try the 150MK, and call Sierra for the accuracy load for it, that'll give you your best chance for getting good groups right off the bat, just remember to let your barrel cool in that barrel burning, throat eroder, powder burning 7mm RUM [​IMG] You should be able get around 1/2MOA or better with that bullet. Jay
    P.S. Remember, Shoot slowly or you'll feel the fire.
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    Sit Down Take a Deep Breath and Relax. YOU ALREADY HAVE A 1000YRD GUN. Your main concern should be getting it to shoot good with any of the bullets you have mentioned. Personally I would suggest you go with the AMAX because I have a lot of experience with that bullet along with the SMK and ain't just blowing smoke up your A$$. They will literally cut a whitetail in half! But, Use the bullet that will perform the best accuracy wise from the couple three you mentioned. We use a Sendero quite often and it will do the job if you do yours. Don't get in the mindset that you NEED a custom gun that's BS. You have a perfect entry level rifle for LR hunting. Practice , Practice , Practice, Know your equipment and how to use it , Get a buddy and both of you practice watching the bullet wash go into target. Learn to call your shots and make adjustments. Shoot , Shoot , Shoot, learn, practice , shoot , learn, practice, then go kill some shiiiiiistuff! [​IMG]
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    Jun 13, 2007

    It does not matter what other people think now. You have a good LR gun as is. The gun will shoot without major mods, however, you will find that the skim bedding the sendaro and a trigger tune are cheap and will help a lot normally. Might find that a muzzle brake will help you also in the heavy recoiling guns (VAIS for $150). Until then spend $28 for a PAST pad that you just slip on and wear like a shoulder pad for the gun butt to rest against.

    Pick a bullet and a couple powders, good log book to record all critical measurements and settings and then go shoot. Try to work up a load that is consistent .75" and maybe .50" and then shoot it a lot to learn. That gun will easily to 1000. By the time you shoot that barrel some more, you will have much clearer idea of what you like or dislike.

    You are in eastern us, Ohio, VA and NC 1000 yard clubs all have a "Factory class" if you want to shoot at 1000. You can also shoot it in the light gun and heavy gun comps. Probably not competitive with the custom guns, but great learning tool for you personally and to see what and how it is done as far as tuning etc. VA is hosting the IBS nationals labor day weekend with about $40k in prizes to be given away to include door prizes.

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    Jun 25, 2003
    338, Jay and BH

    Thanks a ton for the vote of confidence. For a greenhorn like me, I can use all the support I can get. [​IMG]

    I'm TREMENDOUSLY relieved to hear that the Sendero 7 Ultra will work as a 1000 yard gun. I'm probably going to get the trigger adjusted and a bedding job, depending on how it goes with my gunsmith. He's a new guy I'm tryin and he's doing an old Model 70 '06 bedding and trigger job. Other than that, I was hoping no further modifications would be needed. Like you guys said, practice, pracitce and more practice will tell the tale. Lots to think about, but thanks to you guys its dreams instead of nightmares!

    I will definitely keep you guys posted on my progress.

    Any suggestions, just add to this post. I will definitely take heed!

    Good shootin!
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    May 7, 2001
    Yes, the 26" barrel will most certainly go to 1000 yards and beyond.

    I like the 168 Gr Sierra MK in my 7mm LR guns but, you may want to stay with the one that gives the BEST accuracy.

    It will probably be the Sierra MK though.

    DC [​IMG]
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    Jul 27, 2001
    Like Darryl and others, I too would suggest you stick with the 162/168gr bullets and either the AMax or MK will work great at long range. For close range, Scirroco, Barnes, Failsafe, Partition should be considered.

    So you don't think we are exaggerating, I have a friend who shoots a puny 280 Rem with 168grMK, at 1000meters (1100yds)it is putting fair size dents in a 5/16" swinging gong. If he connected on a deer, I doubt he would recover the bullet.

    Your RUM has the potential to launch that same bullet at 400fps faster. Do you think it will work at 1000yds?

    Forget about paper ballistics, get out there and burn powder. You will quickly learn what your limitations are. Build some gongs or shoot at milk jugs. Go as far as you can consistently hit them, it may be closer then the equipment. That will extend as you get more experience with figuring out the wind.

    Hunting season is not that far away. I hope that after you have developed an accurate and consistent load, you will burn up 300 to 500rds of ammo at your longest ranges before taking a poke at a deer. Yes, we practise a lot.

  7. a.JR

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    May 28, 2003
    G'day The Mountaineer,After some 25,000 rounds downrange at 500met and 1K benchrest with a 7 mm i would have to agree with some of the others that #1930 168s mk is a good a choice a any .At 1000yds it will arrive at target approx 1.5 minutes down the target compared with the 162A/max or the 168jlk but day after day and year after year you will be smiling more.For the best results make your self a caliper based "bearing surface checker",these bullets will perform well with just batching with this method.I have not hunted for some 10 years but have no dought that the bullet will take game at approx 700 fps more than i used to do the same years ago .And yes your Sendero will definatly do it ,just ask one of your countryman, "Robby Smith" he has done very well at 1K with one in 7mm rem mag..JR
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    Jun 25, 2003
    I've read over past posts and can't begin to tell you how much I've learned from you LR shooters and hunters. Thanks a ton [​IMG]

    Some of you may recall that in my previous post that I decided to purchase a Remington Sendero 700 Stainless Synthetic Fluted in the 7mm Remington Ultra Mag. Previous posters have called this a powder burner, throat eroder, marginal outperformer of other 7 mil's and questionable use caliber. I honestly don't know. What I do know is that is what I have and am searching for good hunting load data for it.

    I recently asked you veteran LR hunters what 7mm Bullets you liked and of all the suggestions, I have come up with 3 picks. In no particular order, they are the 168 Sierra Match King, the 162 Hornaday Amax and the Swift Scirocco (I came up with this one on my own).

    Here's my dilemma. I purchased this rifle with the thought of shooting up to 1000 yards on whitetail deer only (practice, load development, personal shooting ability all coming together of course). From what I've heard, to shoot 1000 yards for hunting with the 7mm RUM, I'd need to get a longer barrel (28 inch to 32 inch) than the factory 26 inch. I currently don't have that ability financially, so I'm stuck this season with my 26 inch factory barrel. This, in turn, has forced me to shoot "short" long range. I'm probably going to limit my shooting to 700 yards (if everything comes together to do so). In light of this "shorter" range, is there a bullet that might perform better? I thought the Swift might be a good choice in light of this.

    I'm all set to start shooting, got the gun, scope, bench, range, FL sizing dies, brass, primers, but need to buy bullets and powder. Haven't tinkered with the action or trigger yet as I haven't even shot the thing. I want to wait to see how it shoots before investing more. Any suggestions? I may be overthinking, but what I've told you I've found from previous searches of posts. PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG!

    Always willing to learn more about this intriguing sport!

    Good shooting,


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