Shortening a barrel ?


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Mar 10, 2008
I have Savage M12 in .204 that I like and it is very accurate, but it has a heavy 26" barrel that makes it kind of cumbersome to use. My question is if I have the barrel cut down to 20 or 22 inches how much velocity will I loose and can I expect the the same kind of accuracy out of the rifle?
I had this .204 barrel cut to 21" and had a Vais brake installed so I could rid all recoil, it was like shooting a bb gun. Rifle was a factory VSSF II and accuracy improved and velocity was just over 3700fps with Hornady 40gr. ammo.
Thanks, that anwsers my question. I am getting just under 3700 right now with 40 V-Max. So if I have it cut to 22" I should stay close to my same velocity?
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