short to long range hunting


Nov 28, 2003
I'm looking to rebarrel my rem 700 short action. I'm looking at 6mm-284win. My 700 short action is 243. I'm shooting it at 100 to 400 yrds with sierra 100gr. spt. I'm now looking at the 6mm-284 because of the 243 round. I would like to know if the 6mm-284 cartridge would be a good range for 100 out to 1000 yrds? I'll be using it for woodchucks. Has anyone used this cartridge for this range?

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The 6/284 is a fine cartridge and will work in your action to the yardage you intend on shooting to.

You might want to look at the 6.5/284. It is a better round because the heavier bullet selections such as the 140 to 142 gr which have a higher BC then the 6mms do.

I have both and like the 6.5/284 better.

later and good luck
I would like to know how much damage will the 6mm-284 with 100gr sbt under 400yrds out to 1000yrds? What will the 6.5-284win with 140gr sbt. How much damage will it do under 400yrds and out to 1000yrds? Witch one will do less damage and kill out to 1000yrds? I'll be using thes caliber on woodchuck

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