Short action magnum recommendations

Whoops sorry should have clarified the 2900-3000 is for the 7mm short mag, the 260 is just what I already have barrel’s on the shorter side running the 140/143s around 2700. It is just for being a handy rifle out to around 1000 for targets, the short mag is for more power for hunting and stretching ranges when having fun target shooting. The action is already set up to switch from standard bolt face to mag and has a barloc.
7 saum will fit into the short action reasonably.
Using bullets around 160ish grains will deliver solid ballistics, external and terminal.
With careful action/dbm/mag choises a COAL just under 2.950 is achieveable.

This thread is helpful as I am in the process of planning a new rifle. Could start with model 70 wsm or a custom action. Trying to decide on 6.5, 7 or to 308 bullet firstly.
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