Shooting 800 yard Targets


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I decided to go do some long range shooting yesterday at some milk jugs, I had never used my scope at 800 yards. I shot an antelope at 760 but thats the farthest i had shot. I know a milk jug isnt tiny but I had a blast shooting them. something about shooting that far is such a blast. only bad thing is they dont explode that far away but you do have time to regain your sight picture and spot yourself. What do you guys shoot for fun?
Steel plates, junk electronics, milk jugs, Mt. Dew bottles. I just acquired some Christmas tree balls to use as targets. They should explode nicely!!!

Old junk cars sitting in the field...door handles, hood ornaments, head lamps, tail lamps, wheel covers and my all time favorite-MIRRORS...well I shoot the casing and if the mirror breaks hey the bullet did that so no 7 years bad luck for me...Right...oh no...somebody please tell me I'm right.
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