Shoot Across Texas

Shoot Across Texas

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Jan 6, 2010
Greetings everyone!

Although I have been an outdoorsman and huntsman for several years, I am rather new to the sport of long-range shooting and hunting.

Most of my wild game harvests have been between 25 - 150 yds. with my farthest range kill at about 325 (as a six-foot tall dude strides). :cool:

Anyway, I have recently become interested in hand-loading (for economy, availability, accuracy and sport) along with the long-range shooting that it entails (or possibly entrails as the case could be).

I recently acquired a near brand-new .300 RUM from a pawn shop at an excellent price, and using my newly learned reloading skills have been able to achieve .25-inch groups or better at 100 yds. As I have never been able to achieve this level of accuracy with factory loads, I got the bug! :D

So in my quest for this greater good, I have been referred to many of the threads here at this site by means of "googling" information about LR hunting, reloading, etc. and thought I might as well join.

Therefore, I hope to continue to glean from the plethora of info. available here literally at my fingertips, and maybe even offer some of my own.

Until later,
Shoot Across Texas . . . gun)
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