Shipping Container or Something Else?

Sea Pacs make a great job site tool storage room, rigging shack, plans/lunch room, all with modifications of course. If ya want to make a Chateau out of one, different story. Not cheap to make functional and aesthetically pleasing. Seems they're more of a startR kit, for a guy who slept thru the square, level, and plumb book of logic. Sea Pacs will give that guy a core to build from that might look like something, when completed.
Not as easy as one would think! I followed a container home build and the standard problem is setting insulation properly to prevent moisture. Not to mention getting right size containers for ceiling height. Suppose if not Sasquatch size no biggie but me? I want 8' ceiling!!! So at least ceiling fan doesn't take hat off! I think they can be really nice off grid living space for hunting etc if you can get it there.
Containers are also available in 9 foot height, and that would be worth considering, especially for ceiling fans.
They are also available with doors on both ends, also worth considering.
You can also buy new ones, meaning they have only made one trip from China.
But the numbers just dont add up favorably for using them for living space.
Best to live in a travel trailer for awhile before going that route.
Those Sea Pacs will clear span their entire length. Just put in a 8'6" wide abutment footing at each end. Get it off the forest floor so every chipmunk and groundhog in the area, doesn't try to go in when the doors are open. The saloon doors on the long side , great option. Just build a side deck and good start on a Deer Shack, hunt camp. Wood stove banking off the all steel sidewalls, chase away the frost. They also have 10ft height options.
The 1 trip, creampuff/ almost new Sea Pacs are nearly double the money of the slightly rusted 20 years on the open ocean models.