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Jul 25, 2002
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Not having the bucks for a tapered base, thought I could get by with shimming the back end of my 1 piece base on the 308. What do you folks think and what would it get me in terms of MOA?
Or should I wait till I can afford the Badger tapered base?
Am shooting groundhogs out at 600'ish for now but want to stretch that a bit farther this Summer.
Just adding shims won't get it done. The scope base needs to rest firmly on the top of the action. If you just shim the back, the front will only make solid contact at the front. This will allow your scope to wobble or you may bend the base.

You could shim the rear as needed and then bed the base to the action so that the surfaces mate properly with the action.

If I were you, I'd keep on shooting them at 600 and save up some cash for the correct base. No sense in half a$$ing it.
Shim a scope base? sure thing its only been about 10'000 times!!!
I would use a one piece base though,cut and place a shim (general rule is for every .001 shim you use it will move your bullet impact 1Moa.)under the back of the base..just tighten up the very front and rear screws,leave the middle one snug, so it dont fall out....
Its not the best way to go but it will work!!
Another option is baer (night force I think) 2piece taper base they were only 65$ last I knew.. I got them on my M-70 H.V. 308 win. they work as good as any..(won my first F-class match last week end with that rifle!!)
I like to shoot ground hogs too with my 308..
Try some Hornday 168gr. A-Max you will like it!!!! (hey mikey)...........

Use the Burris Sight-a-lines rings with the inserts of .015" or .020"

If you use the .020" it will give you 20MOA extra elevation to use.

If you shim the rear base it becomes even more important to lap the rings before mounting the scope. Mounting a quality scope in misaligned steel rings should be made illegal. It is already immoral. Do the right thing..... go with the Burris Signature rings with inserts. Opinions by Jay
Thanks to everyone for your input.
And I should have said trying to shoot chucks out to 600'ish this Summer.

Hitting them is another thing.


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Hello Tim

For light scopes, the plastic inserts are being used for the reason Skinny was asking about without going to extra expense.
I have had no problem with them and with Leupold scopes of 1" diameter tubes.

I like the Badger myself. Hard to beat those bad boys.

Hows the 338 working out??
Burris Signature rings are the ones you want. They come in 30mm but you must buy the insert kit exra for the 1 inch. ($56 from Sinclair for 30mm)

Go to the Sinclair int catalog or website and look at the Lightforce (Bruce Baer design and sold to them) tapered base ($73.50) or the new Ken Farrell long range base ($42.50) 20MOA

FWIW - When I hit up my gunsmith for the Burris solution, he indicated that their screws had a shearing problem. Using to hard of metal or something like that. Indicated he had quite a few guns in with Burris bases that needed fixed.
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