SOLD/EXPIRED Shiloh 1874 Sporter #1, Baldwin sights & lots more

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  1. Jeremy

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    Mar 12, 2008
    I'm getting out of the black powder shooting game and I'm selling everything BP related. Please see the entire list. My perfect buyer is someone wanting to get into Black Powder shooting and needs the best of everything. Please email or post any questions you have.

    Shiloh 1874 Sporter #1 manufactured in May 2002. 30" barrel, Heavy Full Octagon, Full Buckhorn rear sight, 45-70 Gov't, Traditional steel buttplate, cheekpiece accent line with semi-fancy wood. Replacement value is $2340.

    [​IMG] P8020076.JPG (43.27 KiB) Viewed 1109 times

    I also have Steve Baldwins spirit level front sight and mid-range soule rear sight with base. Replacement value is $155 for the front and $415 for the rear.

    [​IMG] P8020082.JPG (36.34 KiB) Viewed 1110 times

    I also have Meacham Tool and Hardware Co. bushing neck sizing die with .478 & .479 bushing. Replacement value is $87.
    I also have Meacham Tool and Hardware Co. inline seating die with extra bullet seating stem. Replacement value is $138.
    [​IMG] P8020084.JPG (24.33 KiB) Viewed 1105 times

    I also have:
    Meacham's extended shell holder (RV$25)
    RCBS 45-70 full length die set (RV$36)
    Hornady Black Powder measure (RV$110)
    Buffalo Arms Powder Drop Tube (RV$49)
    Buffalo Arms powder compression stem (RV$19)
    Buffalo Arms custom .458" neck expander mandrel (RV$19)
    Buffalo Arms blow tube for 45-70 (RV$8)
    Saeco Lubrisizer with .459 sizing die and top punch (RV$237)
    Saeco Lubrisizer C-clamp (RV$25)
    Dan Pharris 45 cal stainless steel cleaning rod (RV$45)
    Buffalo Arms prone shooting sticks (RV$28)
    Custom prone shooting sticks (RV$62)
    Waage K4747 lead melting pot (RV$200)
    Lyman lead dipper (RV$18)
    Paul Jones bullet mould 45001 (RV$185)
    Saeco bullet mould handles (RV$41)
    Lyman casting thermometer (RV$32)
    Starline 45-70 brass 200 pieces (RV$100)
    200 bullets (RV$160)
    10 lbs. Swiss 1 1/2 Black Powder (RV$200)
    70 lbs. lead alloy 20:1 (RV$210)

    Total replacement value for these items is $4944. I do not expect any offer to be 100% of replacement value. I will entertain offers for the entire package for one month and if I'm not satisfied I'll break up the items and sell individually.
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    Mar 12, 2008
    more pics of Shiloh 1874 Sporter #1

    Here's additional pictures of above shiloh 1874 sporter #1. you can email me tnrquilts at montanasky dot net

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    [​IMG] P7240025.JPG (72.67 KiB) Viewed 1109 times

    [​IMG] P7240026.JPG (69 KiB) Viewed 1107 times