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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
Most of you are probably aware that our brass was a little undersized and we recommended forming with a light load to keep from over expanding primer pockets prematurely. We now have the new /B chamber design that better fits the undersized ADG brass. Testing has shown outstanding case life without worrying about light loads to start with. Brass will last much longer, for those who aren't too conservative, with higher potential velocity where brass will live. We now have the new reamers and most popular dies in stock with the rest ordered.
If you have the old chamber and dies and want to upgrade, all you need is a new sizer body ($75) and your old sizer becomes a shoulder bump die for a 3 die set. This includes the SS, SST, and Max chamberings.
This was a very costly upgrade for me but it's off to the races now! Thank you for your support and patience.

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