Shepard Scopes?


I would be interested in hearing why you feel this way about the Shepherd optics.

I have one on a .22LR and have enjoyed it thoroughly. No experience, however, with a centre fire application.

Is it the engineering/design that you dislike?


I have one on my .300 Win mag and one on my .22 rimfire. I believe they are the "best" scopes for hunting. They are very fast and accurate. They are not target scopes.
I better add something. I sort of forgot this is long range hunting. They are the best out to about...say ..600 yards,and shorter.My friends wife killed a deer with hers at 800yards.
You are probably right about the click values,but because of the way the Shepherd is made I almost never change the settings. I don't know about the durability issue,mine works ok for my 300 Win mag. This is a hunting gun so it is not shot as often as a competition gun would be.
I'm hunting tomorrow. I have a Nightforce,a Leupold and a Shepherd,I'll be taking the Shepherd.When I go to competition or if I'm shooting long,I go to another gun with another scope.
A friend of mine has one, he loves it, I hated the clarity, it reminded me of my dads Springfield Armory scopes... Bushnell quality glass. He likes the reticle most of all. My dads are about the same type too, they just don't do it for me. My 2 cents.
I have used a Shepard scope and have no complaint as a hunting scope out to 600-700 yards if you match your ammo to the scope. My next scope will be a 8.5 X 25 for higher mag and click adjustment. But Im thinking of quick release rings and keeping the shepard also. hope this helps
A friend and myself brought 3 of them when they first came out. Nice idea but they just didn't hold up sent mine back for repair they had it a year and half. We sold them all and are buy leupolds and burris with mil dots im them.
Not a fan of reticle subtension to estimate range. Just too much room for error at longer ranges. Also, you have to make your load suits the reticle which may mean a less then optimum load. With the newer styles of bullets, the trajectories are very flat and the reticle can not be adjusted. The reticle doesn't account for long ranges anyway.

The turrents allow for precise adjustments and can account for changes in weather or light. Used with a quality rangefinder, you can get POI within a few inches at very long ranges. Optical quality is usually better too.

Now if someone came up with an LED programable reticle, that would be very interesting. I am sure the military is experimenting with scopes that have self adjusting reticles tied to rangefinders. Just imagine an F-16 HUD in your scope.


I use Shepherd scopes a lot. The reticle will range out to 1,000 yards. The farthest I have shot mine is 600 yards. It is not really made for target shooting. As far as optical clarity, I do a lot of hunting in the dead of night and there are not too many scopes that can see as well. As long as there is some moon light, I can see well enough to shoot without a spotlight. I haven't had a problems with durability. It is my understanding that when the the Shepherd first came out, it didn't stand up to heavy recoil very well and they have since beefed up the insides.
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