Sheep/Goat Hunt Rifle


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Sep 4, 2008
Reno Nv
Going to purchase a goat hunt this year and a sheep hunt for 17. Was planning on using a 300 Win Mag for both. Decided I would have my 300 win mag Sendero action trued and blu printed and re-barreled with something in the #3-#4 contour and fluted. Wanted to drop the weight down to the 8.0 to 9 lb range.

Talked with Boots Obermeyer yesterday about the new barrel and the plan and maybe going to a 300RUM. he suggestion going with a 30-338. Due to recoil before the bullet leaves the barrel.

I am concerned about long range accuracy, but want a killing nock down cartridge as well. i have the reloading equipment. Should I just stick with the 300 win mag or is the 30-338 worth it?
A .300 Win is plenty of gun for any sheep or goat that ever lived. Seems to me you should focus on weight and your ability to put a bullet through the boiler room. Goats sometime walk off cliffs when mortally wounded, but that is just what they do. In really rough country dead animals often roll or slide, but there is not much you can do about that other than being aware when you pull the trigger.
I appreciate you taking the time getting back to me. I have decided I am going to stick with the 300 win mag. I have a 300 River m77 that my father gave me, going out to shoot it today. Put a leuopd mark 4 on it. If it shoots well I think I will put one of those McMillan merge stocks on it. Again thanks for helping me not chase something I don't need
Shot both with 300wm. Sheep are easy to take down. Goats can be tough but the 300 Wm is plenty just use a good bullet. Every ounce you can shave off your gun will help. Trying to carry a heavy gun up and down the mountains will feel dragging a boat anchor.
Pay attention to the weight of your scope and mounts. Depending on what you choose, you could be around one pound or well over two and a half pounds.
I originally planned to put my Nightforce g7 5.5x22 on it but at 31 oz I think it is too much. I have a leuopold mark 4 4.5x14 that I think should work well. Any thoughts??
Keep your 300 Sendero ,just change the stock to something lighter like a manners ,it's a great shooter as is,but the stock is heavy .Boots is Great he just loves his target rounds, can't fault him ,good luck,jjmp
I chose a vx3 4.5-14 40mm LR cds if memory serves me correctly it weighs 16oz. works well on my 280AI . but have been looking into 3-18x scopes lately.....
Put a Swaro Z5, 3-18x44 on my sheep rifle to reduce weight on my backpacking rifle. Nice power range.