Sendero sfii 7mm Rem mag eld-X 175 grain load help


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Jul 9, 2018
Belfair, WA
New to the forum and a fairly new to reloading. I have a Remington Sendero Sfii in 7mm Rem mag, with factory 26 in 1:9.25 twist barrel with O.A.L. Of 2.746 touching lands. Have read that this set-up will shoot the heavy pills (175-180's) quite well. So looking at loading up some 175 grain ELD-x's for a up coming Wy. Elk hunt. But now here is the issue, load data in Hornady book has a start of retumbo at 59.7 and max 65.4 gr and is only 2700 fps. Is this accurate? Looking at hodgon site data its shows a 180 vld start of 64.4 and max of 70.8 at 2900 fps also a 175 gr nos part start 64 with max of 68 gr at 2800 fps. Is Hornady data on the low side there's not a lot out there for the eld-X in the 175 grain. Thinking of starting at .010 off lands, federal new brass and 215m primer at 60.5 grains and work up .3 shooting for 2950'ish sound safe? And is the 2950 fps possible with that combo and will the 175 eld-X stabilize with that 9.25 twist?

Andrew Massi

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Jun 4, 2018
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Yes hornady data is normally low compared to other mfgs and real world data.

Also, my version of hornady manual the 7mm rem mag test barrel was 24" so your sendero will pick up some velocity

Furthermore, when they list 2800 fps as max velocity that could be 2899 fps avg, since they use a bar scale and not avg fps readings
2950 shouldn't be a problem at all, but they do reccomend 1:8.5 twist to stabilize