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Sep 5, 2009
Remington 300 Ultramag, model 700 Sendero SF, stainless fluted barrel... are these things much different then a standard model 700? what exactly am I getting from the sendero... and a fluted barrel?
You get a Pillar bedded HS Sprecision stock. Value add there is you like the feel of the stock.
What your getting is a factory made barrel with a little more meat on it. and as was stated a HS stock. With a little luck and some "light gunsmithing" they can be very good shooters. Much of that relies on getting a good barrel out of the many ho-hum barrels that come out of Remington. With good handloads most Senderos will do under an inch, some not that well and a few will make one ragged hole at 100 yards.
You get about as good as you can without starting to put custom parts on.

It's a good affordable way to get into LRH.....shoot the hell out of that factory barrel, both to improve your skills and to burn it out so you can rebarrel with something that doesn't foul and blow accuracy in 15 shots like a factory Remington does.
Make sure that you like the feel of the stock first. I'm not overly enthused about mine, but is does the job just fine. Great guns though, if I do my part it shoots sub .5 moa with the factory barrel and hand loads.
I have two used ones and they are both sub 1/2 MOA. A 25-06 and a 300 RUM. One has a fired cracked bore but still drives tacks. Neither of thes rifles have a thing done to them. Met a guy at the range this morning who has a tack driving 700 RUM Sendero.

I like the older SF's better than the newer SF II's.

What does the fluted barrel give you? Well.... it looks cool and it gives you more stiffness per weight.

They are a factory barrel, and mine (the 300 RUM which only had 20 rounds down the tube when I bought it) is/was a fouler. Been breaking it in and fouling has gone way down.

They dont come with 1/2 MOA guarantees so you are taking a chance, but most shoot very well.

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