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Dec 5, 2009
Auburn, Ky
I just purchased (but haven't recieved) a Remington 700 Sendero in 300 win mag... It is blued/parkerized with the hs prec. stock it is not fluted and not ss. I was wondering if some of the remmy experts could tell me about how old this gun is and is the finish blued or parkerized? Lastly the gun is in 98% condition with a rifle basix trigger and leupold rings and bases could those same experts tell what this gun is worth (private seller)..Thanks and any input or advice is welcome as I am new to remington rifles...Jason
gunbroker is a good place to go to get an idea of market value. You can get a NIB SS fluted Sendero 300 WM for $1000 right now. I personally would not pay more than $600 for a Sendero that I didn't have a good idea of what shape the bore is in and how many rounds it has through it. I think the action, after market trigger and HS stock are worth about $600. The total rifle package with a good CM barrel maybe $800-$900.

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The Sendero I have was made in 1996.They came from the factory with H.S. stocks and Parkerized finish.I have another Sendero that was made around that same era that was a special dealer run with a laminated stock,it's blued.You can tell the age by the barrel date code found on the left side of the barrel near where it screws to the action.Here's a link for it You can try your rifle out,but I bedded the recoil lug on mine and highly recommend doing it.The H.S. stock has an aluminum bedding block that keeps your action nice and flat,but the lug channel can be done quite sloppy on some of those stocks.I tried it both ways and my groups improved by a good 50%. Flickr: baldhunter's Photostream
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