Sendero in 7mm Short Magnum?

May 6, 2003
I know, if it isn't a full blown custom rifle, it probably isn't worth a second look to most you guys. But, when I was at the range blowing up some balloons with my new Savage 7mm Rem Mag, a guy showed up with a brand new Remington 700 Sendero in 7mm short magnum. It sure looked like a nice rifle. His groups were smaller than mine, and when aasked him, he said it was because Remington uses better quality barrels than Savage does, and that the short mag is more accurate than a regular magnum because it has no belt and that it is shorter, like the 6mmPPC or 7BR designs.

Anyways, how would this rig be as a LR deer rifle, with the 150 gr. Sierra MatchKing? (that is what he was shooting).
Im new to this post I dont know how a 7mm sum stacks up but I bought myself a Rem 7mm ultra mag Sendero, put a 4.5-14 leoupold on top adj. the triger to two pounds and I love it. I think Rem. makes a good out of box rifle.
MMAM, That rifle would make a very nice LR rifle with that bullet, that or a Win. chambered in 7mmWSM would be my choices, that bullet will be tried in my Rem. 708 S/S in the near future, can you tell me what size his groups were, holes touching or not? I figure the 150MK in my 708 should be good to 700yds, the short mag should be good to 1000, 3000FPS.
They were all touching. I was very jelous. That Sendero is some shooter. My belted Rem Mag will only do 1" for 5 shots with my handloads. It is a Savage, with 168 gr. Sierras. I load 66.5 gr. H4831.
Cool it, Mr. Magnum
The Rem Sendero barrel is a hammer forged thing, just like the rest of Rem. lines. They do claim to take "extra care" in chambering, so you can take that for what is worth. I have a Savage 110FP in 300 Winch, and I have out shot some people with Senderos, and some have out me. I would take a guess that reloading quality and personel shooting skill has a lot to do with it! Keep praticing, you should see an improvement over time. As far as the 7mm Rem. Mag., it is an excellent cartridge, and should have an edge with heavy bullet loadings. You can so what ever you wish, but I think you have a good platform to accomplish your goal, which is Long Range Hunting. Go luck, and keep 'em in the center
MMAM, I checked some of my manuals and noticed your over max by about 1.5grs. Try 64grs. of H4831 with a regular/LR, not magnum primer, seat that bullet .010-.015" off the lands and let the barrel cool a bit between shots, and you should see an improvement, I use 3 shot groups with magnums, they heat up to fast when you use 5 shots, 5, 3 shot groups fired slowly will give you a better idea of hunting accuracy for that magnum. There's no reason you couldn't get around 1/2 moa with it. Savage does make some good barrels, too.
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