Sendero I & II differences????


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Feb 7, 2008
Sonoma County, CA
Does anyone know if there are significant differences between the original Sendero and the Sendero II. I know the stocks have been redesigned but what about the workings of the guns. I read a post somewhere where it was suggested that the older model has hand picked receivers and better quality barrels. Does this sound like good info or crap????
I don't know what if this is what you are looking for but I have a gunsmith buddy here in pocatello that will only buy the older version sendero. He states that now remington has a third party building there barrels. With what he has been working on latly he see's remingtons barrels that are not completly straight. I personally do not know. hard to believe that would be the case especially from remington. JMHO though

Antoher difference is the current model has a high polish finish on the stainless with black fluting. The original was flat stainless in finish. Dont know about your claim with quality of barrels ? I have my edge built on a series 1 and I just love the stock to death. I found it hard to handle the series 2 and I know alot of guys think similar thoughts. Lots of series 2 stocks getting sold with not many originals about say things ?. Depends what you like though ? The series one is a dedicated rh grip with the new one trying to please both sides . Great rifle to build off.

Good luck

I like the new stock better. It makes my hand "rest on the palm instead of squeezing it. I don't have huge hands by any means but that may have something to do with it. So far I have 2 sendero 2's that shoot rediculous. We'll see about this 3rd one I just picked up.
I have a buddy with an all black sandero w/ no fluted barrel, he bought it second hand and believes it was purchased new around 2001 or 2002. It has the different stock on it also... the only other sandero's I have seen have been a stainless finish though.
I like my Sendero II stock. The large palm swell fits my hand perfectly, and I really dig the high polish finish. Cant speak on barrel quality, as I havent fired mine for accuracy yet.
Thanks for the input guys. I ordered the Sendero II yesterday. I was on the fence for a while but figured the stock contour should be close to my 700 5-R.
Thanks for the input guys. I ordered the Sendero II yesterday. I was on the fence for a while but figured the stock contour should be close to my 700 5-R.

What caliber did you go with ?

Here is my .300 RUM

I've got one of each and the only major difference for me is the piece of crap J-lock bolt on the S2.

Going to order a new one from PTG soon.

My S1 wears a 26" fluted Krieger barrel in 25-06,action has been trued and blueprinted. I'm a little

happier with the S1 stock, as to the stock barrels, they spend 15-25 bucks per barrel,

Throw em, buy a good one.
I went with the 300 RUM. Been thinking about getting one for years and never got around to it. I hunt with a lightweight 300 WM that is getting a new Broughton and shoot a lot of my practice stuff now with the 5-R. I felt I wanted to get a heavy weight too. I plan on shooting this for awhile and build it into an Edge. Really want one of those but want to put more time in on long range shooting and not just build a boomer. Not exactly baby steps, but building a better foundation for it.
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