Sendero HS precision stock work

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  1. jsali

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    Feb 15, 2005
    I want to rebarrel my sendero with a slightly heavier straight taper barrel. I think the stock will have to be shaved down in spots to accomodate this. The barrel I want will be 1.2" for 4 inches from the lug then it will taper down to either 1" or .9" I haven't decided on muzzle diameter yet. I am wondering if it will be a problem to perform the modifications on this stock due to its design (kevlar and aluminum). If anyone has any advice or experience I sure would appreciate it.

    P.S For a 300 win mag I want to go with either 25" or 26" overall barrel length and 1" or.9" muzzle diameter. I don't mind packing heavy rifles I'm well used to it. Any suggestions or experiences?