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Hi Robert, welcome to LRH.
I put a 4.5-14x50LR MilDot Leupold on my 308 VLS and use it for groundhogs. Have tried some pokes out to 700 yards and it seems to be enough power. Even though a 6.5-20 would be nice sometimes.

BTW, those are Badger Rings and a 20MOA canted Base.



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My family and I have many of the Leupold VX 2, 6-18x40 Target models. They feature matte fiinish with either fine duplex or target dot reticles. Also have adjusttable objective. I have one on my .300 RUM and have shot it out to 1000 yards. 18x is just enough power for the longer shots in my opinion. The turrets and clicks are good. The price for the scope is around $430-450. In my opinion its almost every bit as good as the VX 3, but a lot cheaper price tag.
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