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    May 20, 2010
    Just traded for a left-handed, .300 Wby magnum. Sounds like a great rifle, but I really don't have a place for it. I have spoken with the original owner and he confirmed the accuracy of the gun as well as the other details listed. Below is the description that was included in the original trade write-up from the LRH site:
    Mdl 700:
    Hi I am selling a gun that was given to me by a family friend and hate to sell it but it needs a good home. If it were a righty I'd keep her she is an EXTREMELY accurate rifle but I'm a righty.
    -26" 300 wby mag barrel has been cerakoted matte black along with the action but the bolt is stainless. The rifle was originally a 300 win mag but his brother who gave me the rifle said he reamedd it into a 300wby mag as soon as he got it. The family owned a gun range and gun store where I live.
    -stock is a bansner fitted by bansner its glass bedded. Now with the bansner stocks its a bdl
    -action is accurized been squared blue printed the whole nine yards.
    -leupy bases and rings
    -trigger job set at 2lbs I believe its crisp light and absolutely no creep
    -it has a muzzle break which I wish i knew who the maker was because the gun as light as it is has less recoil than my 243 ai
    Shoots 180 partions lights out I shot a 887 lb bull nilgai this month @ 427 yards and hit exactly where I put the cross hairs it was more this gun than my skill. Went down 10 yds later.
    Round count is less than 80 rds I believe.

    Since this write-up, the rifle has been shot perhaps a dozen more times. The correct cartridge count that I can include with this rifle is 62 loaded rounds with 17 pieces of brass. Also, the write up indicates its BDL, when in fact it is ADL, loading from the top only.
    Asking $900, if purcahsed before 11/20, I will include shipping to you.

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    Jan 21, 2009
    did you ever sell this gun