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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
is anyone using semi-automatics for long range shooting or hunting and if so what type and caliber? i don't mean a ar-type weapon converted for single shot use.
I don't know who may be using them for long range but I remember that when Browning first came out with their BOSS accurizing muzzle brake, their semi-auto was thought to be pretty accurate if so equipped.

I'm using a Springfield M1A .308win with the stainless steel national match barrel I shoot the 180gn Scirocco out to 800yds for wolf and coyote. It shoots the 180gn better than the 165gn (under .8 moa) so thats what its fed. I thought I had a 1" group at 1000yds the first time out but one round went through the bull sideways, the other off the target completly.

I ran out of clicks and holdover was a bit tricky with the Leopold 3x9 with wind at over 10mph. After 900yds I was just courious, but found this combination too unstable.

My father just bought a Armalite AR-10 T for LRS moose, wolf etc. These are both very accurate guns.

For wolf and such my brother uses a DPMS AR-15 Target carbine with a 6x24 Pentax and a Jewell trigger (a must to get rid of the 9lb. 9" trigger pull).

He said it does 2" groups at 300yds with a bipod off the hood of his truck with the first two types of ammo used. He never even broke in the barrel correctly either.

I razzed him about a wolf he could have taken two nights ago if he would just use that 300 RUM that seems to collect dust lately. The wolf turns out was just below my place on the river bar 900yds away for about 10min while he played with the new call he just got. It never came in because he could see his truck there.

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There are not a lot of choices in the quality semi auto market over here, military style rifles excluded of course.

The BAR from Browning is probably the best, when you compare it to the only other option, a Remington. Problem with the BAR is the need to clean the bbl from the muzzle back, you can't clean from the chamber fwd. This proceedure, even with a muzzle protector can damage your crown.

HK is introducing a new semi this year in 3006, I have no idea what it will be like but I am sure it will be $$$. Take a look and see. The old HK sporter rifles had quite a following.
hey Texas

I,m also from Texas and also have a M1a1 matched rifle
with Springfield Gen.1 scope. This set up
with Fedral maych 168 gr. works great.
I have not made a 1000 yarder yet but have
taken a deer at 700 and the longest for a hog (have shot many) was 500 yds. The only problem I have with it is the weight.
I have used an M14 in competition at 1000yds with reasonably good results. The rifle liked both the 168gr AMAX and the 168gr Nosler J4.

The M14 is fun to shoot but a PIA to keep accurate. Honestly though, a bolt action is better suited to the long-range game.

Peter Cronhelm
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