Seekins mag issues any thoughts

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I have a stiller 260 rem that is an absolute tack driver it is virtuallynew so all I have done for it thus far is a proper break in and load development. Anyway this weekend I was at a friends rranch to do some culling for him and I couldn't get the rounds to feed from the seekings mag and bottom metal. The OAL of the loads was fine and they went in easy enough but the mag seemed to grip the shoulder and not let the head get up to where the bolt could catch it. It seemed to hold the round too tight at the shoulder and really mared up my brass and the shell below it which was also pulled into the feed ramp. Have any of you experienced this can I modify the mag to allow smooth and consistent feeding. Its seekins bottom metal in a mac a5 with seekins mag any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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    Aug 29, 2008
    You can bend the tabs that hold the live round in the magazine. Bend them out a little at a time. This generally will fix feeding issues.

    If your cases are still being marred you can use a die grinder and smooth out the edges where the tabs contact the angled case as it is being fed.

    If all else fails, call Glen at Seekins and I am sure he will get you sorted out.

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    I don't believe the feed lips are the issue. Those clips are pretty rough inside. Try loading the clip and manually unloading it by hand a few times, this should smooth it up inside. Typically those clips don't like to work 100% until they have been used a bit. That being said I just received one of Glens new DBM with the ambidextrous release buttons and set up for the Accuracy international mags all I can say is these are SWEET! Glen outdid himself on the new one.